One way to repurpose a seasonal story is to see what other writers have written on the same topic. I stumbled across Medium in late December last year, and my first post focused on a very timely holiday icon, Santa Claus. This year I thought I’d see what other writers had written about Santa. While many posts have been written by those who aren’t exactly crazy about Saint Nick, I found four that approached Santa in very unique but generally positive ways. Stand-up comic Ginny Hogan, poet Julia Kantic, astrophysicist Ethan Siegel, and dad Erik Flowers all had written posts I enjoyed reading and highlighting in my post “Thoughts on Santa from Across Medium,” which has been published by Reading Rhombus. Including a link to my original post may also earn it a few new readers. Plus, the whole exercise was a lot of fun.

Bylines in Publishers Weekly, the Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard, others. One Sister’s Song (novel). Not Nearly Everything You Need to Know About Writing (ebook).

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