A New Way to Submit Your Best Writing to Contests and Publications

Duotrope’s free submission tracker takes on Submittable

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How to Track Your Literary Submissions” on The Writing Cooperative provides many details related to the top two submission trackers for writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry — Submittable and Duotrope. Recently Duotrope introduced its new submission platform, Duosuma, which not only allows writers to submit directly to publications but can integrate with the Duotrope tracker. This development has the potential to make Duotrope a much more comprehensive competitor to Submittable, which has provided publishers with an intuitive submission platform — and a highly preferred option to email submissions — over the past decade.

The submission tracker on both Submittable and Duotrope lists every piece you’ve submitted using the individual platform. Since Submittable is also a submission platform, the status of each of your submissions is automatically updated when a publication sends you an acceptance or a rejection. Now, through Duosuma, Duotrope also offers that same feature, which means you no longer have to update each of your submissions manually as long as your submissions are made via Duosuma — and you sign up for the Duotrope $5/month or $50/year subscription. The subscription provides access to a number of other features Duotrope offers, so writers who already subscribe will simply find the automatic updates to their submissions an extra bonus. For those who aren’t subscribers, though, the jury is still out on whether paying to use Duotrope makes sense.

Costs and consequences

What will help determine that is how many publishers switch from Submittable to Duosuma. One publisher, Orison Books, published a letter from its founder and editor on its blog just a few days after Duosuma was launched. The letter stated that Orison Books will be switching from Submittable to Duosuma within months. It also stated that Duosuma offers publishers “features and ease-of-use comparable to that of Submittable, but for a fraction of the cost.”

Since most publishers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry operate on a shoestring budget, writers may ultimately see a number of their favorite publications make a similar change down the line. For that reason, it might make sense to become familiar with Duosuma now.

I write fiction, poetry, and nonfiction when I’m not working as a copy editor. Author of the novel One Sister’s Song.

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