Or how to make your writing more professional by ensuring your verbs play well together

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Most English speakers are familiar with the general idea of past, present, and future tenses. While the past tense is used to refer to something that occurred in the past, the present tense refers to something that’s occurring now (or a general statement of something that occurs on a regular…


And the simple rule that can help you remember which way to go when you’re writing

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In my Writing Well post “The Positive Effect of Appositives in Your Writing,” I reference a rule that can be helpful in multiple grammatical situations: “While extra info requires commas, essential info does not.” …


And how they can add some interesting insights to your writing

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In my Writing Well post on conjunctions, I discussed how conjunctions are all about making connections. Same goes for conjunctive adverbs. To put it simply, a conjunctive adverb creates a connection between two independent clauses, groups of words that can stand on their own as complete sentences.

A conjunctive adverb…


And why understanding how each is used can help you know the right way to go

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In my Writing Well post “Two Tricks to Help You Remember When to Insert a Comma Before ‘So,’” I mention that it’s important to understand how “so” is being used in the middle of a sentence before deciding whether a comma should precede it. …

And why you should really try to get some anyway

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I find it fascinating that the U.K. version of “breathing room” — which in the U.S. means room and time to think things over — is “breathing space.” According to the impressively titled Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, the term refers to “a period of rest in order to increase strength…

And why exerting creative effort for no monetary return can be so gratifying

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Similar to so many, my husband and I come from families of workers. Farmers and factory workers dot our family trees alongside many other union members as well as members of the military, small business owners, office workers, and more who plied (and currently ply) their trades day in and…

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